Sanus anatomic pillow that adapts to the needs of your body

Although we spend almost one-third of our life sleeping, we often give little attention to choosing an appropriate pillow or mattress. While there is a general rule than a mattress should be firm in order to support the spine, when it comes to pillows, it seems that we care about its aesthetics first, and then about its comfort and shape.

Experts say that it is only in the morning, when we wake up tired, feeling tension in the neck and shoulders, that we realize how much the pillow we sleep on is uncomfortable. This can be caused by the pillow which is not thick enough, which lacks a proper shape and is made of inadequate material.
One of the most common advice is to, no matter in which position you sleep, you should choose a pillow which will support your neck and shoulders, by filling the space under your head. For this reason, many people choose pillows which are made from materials which adapt to their sleeping position. That is particularly important when one sleeps on his side, because the neck and shoulders should be in the same line with the spine and in that way, prevent its curvature.

In the last few years, anatomic pillows are more present on the market. They enable the spinal cord to take a natural position, while the muscles of the neck, shoulders, and back are relaxed. In this way, the morning tension and pain in the shoulders, neck, and head are reduced, and we wake up feeling fresh and rested.
When you choose an anatomic pillow, you should pay special attention to its filling. Material from which a pillow is made should be hypoallergenic. It should prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms, and also not absorb dust and not encourage the development of dust mites. This is especially important for persons who suffer from allergies, have asthma, or other problems with respiratory organs.
In the end, there is one practical – but not less important – advice: when you choose a pillow for you and your family, besides its comfort and characteristics that doctors and chiropractics recommend, also pay attention to its maintenance, that it does not absorb sweat, that it is washable and that it does not lose its shape and elasticity in time.

Sanus sleeping pillows

Sanus sleeping pillows – an anatomic pillow which adapts to the needs of your body and makes it possible for you to have a peaceful, good-quality and healthy sleep. Thanks to its filling made of the micro-beads, it does not absorb water nor saliva, it prevents the growth of bacteria and dust mites, and it also has good isolating characteristics and a low level of noise. You can wash it in the washing machine, you can dry it easily and quickly, and its shape remains the same despite frequent use and washing.

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