Novitet LLC. Zitkovac is a private company with a family tradition of more than 40 years, experienced in a production of textile products..
NOVITET started out in 1970 as a tailor store which produced men’s suits and women’s sets, coats and other clothing items. Its tailor, known as”Tailor Dine“, becomes locally popular and acclaimed.
After a few years of successful work, Stoilovic Stojadin – Dine starts producing PPE equipment and home textile for familiar customers as a workshop with several workers. Due to the requirements and the needs of the market which were rapidly changing, all members of the Stoilovic family join the private business, therefore staring two more independent stores which begin to work together and operate under a new name NOVITET.
In 1988, the company is moving to a new production facility in Zitkovac, which created an opportunity to hire more workers and to expand our business. We have built another production hall and bought thread quilting machines and in that way, we made it possible for us to realize our goals and to initiate collaboration with large companies.
Due to easier independent product launching to foreign and domestic markets and the cooperation with large purchasers in the area of trade, industry, hospitality, army, police, health, and others, since 1990, the Stoilovic family continues its business under a name NOTIVET LLC , which legal representative is Stoilovic Stojadin – Dine. Since 2002 to this day, the owner of the company and its legal representative has been Stoilovic Milan.

It took a lot of effort, diligent work, persistence, determination, and perseverance to turn a small tailor shop into a respectable company. Our advance in business was based on our own capital and experience, along with the constant introduction of innovations modeled on the renowned world manufacturers.
Home textile factory NOVITET LLC now owns over 3000 m2 of the production and storage space, the most modern equipment for the production of home textile and quilted line, and has the ability to open more than 100 new work positions.

NOVITET LLC has a complete production process which consists of four production sections:

  • koflin (thermo cotton) production line
  • quilted linings and quilted linen production line
  • home textile production line
  • SANUS – positioning pillows (anti-decubitus program)

All sections make a unique whole, while each of them can function individually.

Thanks to all our customers for placing your trust and your confidence in our products, for choosing us as your supplier. We promise you that we will constantly work on justifying your trust.
We also wish to thank all our suppliers for the quality of the goods they deliver and the services they provide. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to manufacture products according to our customers’ desires, quickly and with great quality.



  • constantly maintaining good mutual relations with our customers and suppliers
  • increasing our customers’ satisfaction with our products
  • providing high-quality services while meeting deadlines
  • improving our workers’ job skills and increasing productivity
  • following the latest trends, modern design, and technology
  • minimal use of energy resources
Novitet d.o.o.


  • Becoming a leader in the production of textile and quilted program
  • modernization of production
  • increasing capacity
  • hiring new workers
  • creating a brand
  • creating a trademark
Novitet d.o.o.
  • complete quality control in all manufacturing processes and constant product quality and services improvement that is based on the principles of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001 norms
  • quick and efficient product delivery
  • large production and storage capacity
  • a complete manufacturing process at one place (koflin, quilting, sewing)
  • flexibility in conducting business and in relations with our business partners
  • environmental protection and workplace safety
  • responding to the requirements of our customers, partners, employees, community, and the environment
  • constant quality improvements
  • using materials which are not detrimental to health
  • maximal use of textile waste and waste management according to ISO 14001
Novitet d.o.o.
Novitet d.o.o.
Novitet d.o.o.
Novitet d.o.o.


In order to fulfill the obligations of a good and reliable business partner and respond to the requests of an increasingly demanding market, we have decided to manage our business according to the international standards. That required an improvement of the existent way we conduct business and the technological process as well as the development of new products. We joined the System certificate, quality management (ISO 9001), environmental management (ISO 14001), occupational health and safety (BS OHSAS 18001).