Quilting services

We provide thread quilting services using the most modern machines, which have 2 m width of working space, with 120 needles that can quilt in all directions.
Possibilities for choosing patterns are endless.
Linen and lining can be quilted with our client’s material in combination with our koflin, or entirely with our customer’s material.
Besides linen and lining, we offer you quilting of other fabrics (twill, diolen, cotton jersey, upholstery fabric, footer, viscose…)
It is possible to quilt wool and cotton koflin, felt, sponge in rolls, and other materials which can replace koflin as a filling.
We also provide services of quilting clothing items which front can be used as a material for jackets, coats, vests.
Our quilting capacity on a monthly basis, depending on the pattern you choose, is 30,000
m, i.e., 1,000 m a day.