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Technical characteristics:

Sanus CERVICO belongs to a group of neck positioning pillows, which, during traveling, driving, reading, watching TV or working on a computer, hold the head in an optimal position, thus relaxing the neck muscles.

Product Description

optimal neck positioning, adjustable – regardless of neck and head circumference, it makes traveling more comfortable, painless, and peaceful, it’s anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial, it doesn’t absorb water and sweat, it relieves the tension in neck muscles, it’s excellent for babies in baby strollers, it supports cervical vertebra, it helps with neck pain

If you use CERVICO pillow, your neck will maintain the right position, and neck muscles will be relaxed, keeping the circulation in the cervical region intact. It is technically designed in such a way that it is suitable for every person, regardless of head and neck shape. It is excellent for babies in strollers because it partially fixes the neck. It can also be used as a support for cervical vertebra when one suffers from neck pain or minor neck injuries.

This pillow has exceptional airflow, which makes it possible for the skin to breathe. CERVICO pillow prevents bacteria growth, it doesn’t absorb dust, water or sweat. With these characteristics, this pillow is unique on the market.

DESIGN – What makes this pillow different from other travel pillows is that it is made from polystyrene beads. It has been designed in such a way that it perfectly adjusts to neck contours and therefore provides support to cervical vertebra during driving, traveling, reading, watching TV, working on a computer and in all other situations where neck can be stained. This pillow comes in the size of 30cm x 25cm x 6cm, and we especially recommend it to younger generations for traveling.

WHAT DO MEDICAL EXPERTS SAY – How many times did you experience painful stiffness in the neck and fatigue during traveling? Whether you travel by bus or by car, especially if that is a long trip, sitting for a long time in the same position can put pressure on neck muscles, which become tense, resulting in pain and stiffness.

What is happening and where does the pain come from?

In the tense part of the muscle, a bundle of muscle fibers, which can be easily felt, there are spots which spontaneously produce pain, they are usually the size of a pease and they are called pain triggers, trigger spots or simply painful spots. Tense muscle fibers put pressure on the nerves, thus transferring the pain to other body parts.
In the picture, you can see the neck muscles with the most common trigger spots. Black xs represent trigger spots, and the red color represents shaded areas where the pain is most commonly felt.

If during traveling, driving, watching TV, reading, or working on a computer you feel pain and stiffness in your neck, SANUS CERVICO pillow is just what you need. .

Additional Information

Dimensions 40 x 30 x 8 cm

40 cm


30 cm


8 cm


Customer may request an increase in the volume of cushion for an indefinite period of time FREE!

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