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Technical characteristics:
sleeping_pillowSANUS SLEEPING PILLOW is a pillow which is recommended to all of you who want a peaceful, comfortable, and good-quality sleep, who care about a healthy lifestyle, to those of you who suffer from stiffness and neck pain, headaches, and pain in the upper body and shoulders.

Product Description

CHARACTERISTICS – It belongs to a group of anatomic pillows for head and neck positioning during sleep, making it possible for the spine to take its natural position, and the neck, shoulders, and back to be completely relaxed.

These pillows are shaped in a unique way, thus enabling your head and neck to stay in a favorable position during the night, and your body to be perfectly aligned.

The basic characteristics of the SANUS SLEEPING PILLOW are the following:

ANATOMIC – designed to perfectly adjust to the head and neck contour. This pillow provides excellent support to cervical vertebrae and shoulders, which is a primary condition for good blood circulation during sleep.

FLEXIBLE – whether you sleep on your back or on the side, your head and neck will maintain a good position and they will have adequate support. Neck and shoulder muscles are relaxed, which enables good circulation from the neck to the brain. Sleeping on this kind of pillow reduces morning tension, and pain in the head, neck, and shoulders.

IMPROVES SLEEP QUALITY – it has excellent airflow, great insulating features, low level of noise, and it also does not absorb water, saliva, or sweat. Sleeping on this pillow, with its excellent features, provides peaceful and healthy sleep, of great quality.

ANTI-ALLERGENIC – the material from which this pillow is made prevents the growth of bacteria, does not absorb dust mites, which reduces potential allergies, to a great extent.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL – you can use this pillow for head and neck positioning while sleeping, as well as for the positioning of other body parts in patients who have difficulty moving or who lie down in bed for longer periods of time.

The most important component of our pillow is polystyrene micro-beads, which contain 5% of polystyrene and 95% of air. They make incredibly light, airy, but also durable hygienic material, being an excellent conductor of moisture and heat.

In order to avoid “rustling” but at the same time provide immense lightness and flexibility, we use high-quality beads, ideal in size. In that way, our customers will experience a perfect sound impression, which resembles the sound of sand.

DESIGN – The pillow contains four “compartments” (one horizontal and three vertical) whose primary function is to maintain the shape of the pillow during use. As such, the pillow is not prone to creasing. The pillow compartments keep the original shape of the pillow during use, which provides you with peaceful and good-quality sleep.

The pillow comes with the pillowcase, which must be used as a washing bag.

WHAT DO MEDICAL EXPERTS SAY – When we sleep on an uncomfortable pillow, we realize how much neck and shoulders are tense only in the morning when we wake up fatigued, tired, or with a stiff, painful neck and a headache. If your pillow is uncomfortable, if it lacks proper shape and is not made of good-quality material, it can be the main cause of numerous ailments.

The main role of a pillow is to completely relax the muscles of the neck, shoulders, and back. As we change our sleeping positions during the night, it is necessary for the pillow to be flexible. Its height should correspond to the width of the shoulders, so, when one sleeps on the side, head and neck should be aligned with the spine (in that manner, the spine remains in a good position, and there is no spine curvature). Complete and partial muscle spasm is one of the most common causes of headaches, neck and shoulder pain.

Muscle-bone pain makes half of all pains. What is happening? Where does the pain come from? How to get rid of it? What to do to stop it or reduce its frequency?

These are most common questions that we ask once we wake up cranky, tired, with a headache, with a stiff neck – and there is a new day ahead of us, with new challenges, obligations, stresses, and everything that comes with a modern lifestyle.

What is happening and where does the pain come from?

In the tense part of the muscle, a bundle of muscle fibers, which can be easily felt, there are spots which spontaneously produce pain, they are usually the size of a pease and they are called pain triggers, trigger spots or simply painful spots. Tense muscle fibers put pressure on the nerves, thus transferring the pain to other body parts. Pain intensity can vary from mild, irritating, to severe, debilitating, which disturbs normal daily functioning.

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Dimensions 56 x 38 x 12 cm

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