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Our duvets are filled with fine hollow polyester fiber which makes the duvet incredibly soft and comfortable for sleeping. They are easy to maintain, with exceptionally good thermal insulation.
Our duvets are perfect for an amazing sleeping experience, and what makes them aesthetically pleasing is a wide variety of patterns, design, and colors.

We make duvets in different sizes – 140×200 cm, 160×200 cm, and 200×200 cm. They can also be custom-made, according to our customer’s wishes.

The duvets are filled with 100% polyester fiber – 400 g/m2 of koflin, but we offer our clients an option to choose the filling. At our customer’s request, a duvet can be filled with wool pelc.


We offer you a wide variety of blankets in different colors, design, and patterns, which are filled with 100 to 150 g/m2 of koflin, with a width of 140×200cm to 200x240cm.

Thread-quilted blankets can be made of different types of bedding linen, single-colored or patterned, or from stretch terry or other materials.

They can be used as covers in warmer months or as decorative covers.


Covers can be made of different kinds of materials (decorative linen, satin, cotton, microfiber, silk…), with a pattern on one side or on both sides. Koflin filling and decorative quilting of these covers create a compact whole without crease or compression, so these covers maintain their original look after many years of use. Covers can be made in combination with decorative cushions and draperies of the same design.

Runners are an incredibly elegant aesthetic and practical addition to all types of couches, beds, and armchairs. We make them in different sizes and colors.


Sheets, with their beautiful design, complete the look of your bedroom. After you choose a mattress, a duvet, and a pillow, you should pay special attention to choosing perfect bedding.

In our production line, we create a wide palette of sheets in terms of design, linen quality, and size, so they can meet the criteria of all our customers, whether they prefer the traditional or the modern style.

We create sheets in all sizes, for cribs, single beds or double beds.

We choose the materials (cotton, damask, cotton satin…) with the aim to meet the standards that NOVITET promotes, in terms of quality as well as the process of making them. We pay special attention to environmental protection, by using fabrics made from natural fiber.


Our pillows are filled with special polyester silicon fiber, koflin, sponge, or polystyrene

They come in different sizes and they can also be custom-made to meet the desires of our clients.

There are different types of pillow cases: made from 100% cotton, cotton/polyester, quilted cotton linen, or quilted cotton/polyester linen. We use polyester/elastin for specially designed SANUS pillows. .


Creating PILLOWS WITH PROTECTOR CASE, a thread-quilted pillowcase which can be easily removed from the inner pillow, proved to be very practical. This type of pillowcase protects the core of the pillow from dirt (dust, filth, allergens, body fluids such as saliva and sweat). Because of its simple maintenance, these pillows are great to use at home, as well as in hotels and other facilities that provide accommodation for many people.



We make cushions and pads for chairs, benches and garden sets, sunbeds, and all other pieces of furniture used for resting and pleasure.
We offer you a wide selection of models, colors, and fabrics, of different thickness and hardness of sponge and silicone filling.

Cushions and pads can be custom-made to suit our customers’ needs.


Tablecloths and dishcloths with different patterns, in all sizes and shapes, are made of cotton, polyester and of the finest 100% damask.

Other products from our collection are oven gloves, aprons, table mats, ironing board covers, extractor hood filters, grocery bags, as well as bags for packing and storing of goods.


For the pleasant and gentle touch on your skin, we make towels and bathrobes in all colors and sizes, from high-quality terry. They are soft and long-lasting, with great water absorption capacity.

We also embroider patterns on towels and bathrobes, according to the wishes of our customers.


We choose only materials of the highest quality for making beds and cushions for pets. Every model is a combination of beauty, practicality, and simple maintenance.

If your pat (a dog or a cat) used to sleep in your bed, you will fall in love with our beds and cushions for pets, so much that you will wish to sleep in one, too.

We offer you a wide selection of cushions and beds for pets, in various colors and sizes.
All our products are easy to maintain and they can be bought in all well-equipped pet stores.