Personal protective equipment

Modern production space, extraordinary production equipment, as well as outstanding experts and staff, have been representing the excellence of this company from its founding days until today. Personal protective clothes that we create can compete with its quality and design with world-renowned manufacturers.
Our production line includes the manufacturing of personal protective clothing for all industries: baker’s, butcher’s, construction, medicine, hospitality…
Working with excellent staff and creating high-quality personal protective clothes made it possible for this company to always maintain positive results of doing business, despite difficult conditions for economic profit on our domestic market.
NOVITET, with its staff and technical capacities, thanks to using the latest technology, is able to meet all the requirements and needs of the industry for high-quality and functional protection of workers.

In our production line of personal protective clothing you can find:

    • Work and protective clothes – work suit, overalls, half-overalls, safety overalls with hoods, flight suits, flight pants, painter overalls, inserts for work suits, HACCP suits, kitchen overalls, shirts, T-shirts, blouses, pants, custom-made suits according to customer’s sample, with sleeve removal, knee protection, in various colors, depending on the material
    • vests and jackets – vests, thermal vests, fluorescent vests, fluorescent jackets, waterproof winter jackets, raincoats
    • work uniforms and coats – lab coats, medical and surgical uniforms, doorman uniforms, kitchen and waiter suits, and other uniforms
    • aprons – trade, butcher’s, hairdresser’s
    • all that and a lot more of what you need to conduct your business successfully.

We offer you outstanding quality, quick service, excellent prices and we always meet deadlines. Come, check and see it for yourself!