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Technical characteristics:

CUBITO pillow is a multifunctional pillow used for body positioning during long lying or sitting, in order to prevent the appearance of bedsores.

Product Description

RECOMMENDED TO THOSE WHO: sit for a long time, have hemorrhoids, enlarged prostate, spine curvature, have suffered a stroke, are immobile patients, are elderly, bedridden…

ADVANTAGES: it is an excellent solution for professional drivers, it keeps the spine in the right position, it prevents spine curvature (scoliosis and kyphosis), it is recommended for patients who have lost the sense of pain, it prevents the appearance of bedsores, it increases comfort, it evenly distributes the pressure, it improves circulation and oxygen flow, it reduces a chance for infection, it makes it easier for the patient to change positions, it reduces shearing and friction, it provides excellent airflow, it reduces the time of healing of existant bedsores, it unburdens the tense back muscles and reduces back pain, it reduces the pressure on varicose and swollen veins of the anus, it reduces uneasiness caused by hemorrhoids, it provides support and stability during yoga practice, and it is also an excellent meditation pad.

DESIGN – CUBITO pillow is very similar to the pillow from the same group – ANNULO. It has been designed in such a way that it evenly distributes pressure in lying patients, thus improving circulation, oxygen flow and reducing the appearance of bedsores.

The pillow comes with the pillowcase, which must be used as a washing bag.

WHAT DO MEDICAL EXPERTS SAY – CUBITO pillow is an anti-decubitus pillow and a positioning pillow from the SANUS line of pillows. It is recommended for all those who spend long hours sitting at work, for professional drivers, those who have hemorrhoids, enlarged prostate, and spine curvature.

The right sitting position unburdens the spine and intervertebral discs and reduces back pain. The right sitting position puts a spine in the right position as well, thus preventing spine curvature (scoliosis and kyphosis).

Also, CUBITO pillow is recommended for patients who have suffered a stroke, for immobile patients, for the elderly, bedridden persons, for patients who have lost the sense of pain and to all those who, by changing their body position, cannot affect the pressure on body parts.

It is recommended as a preventive measure for preventing the appearance of bedsores, as well as the support in the treatment of existant bedsores. Namely, the pillow is designed in such a way that it reduces shearing and friction, which are, besides the increased pressure of the body on the surface, the most common causes of bedsores. Shearing may happen when a patient is slipping downwards in a bed or a chair. Shearing force causes flexion, straining and tearing of small blood vessels, which results in blocking blood and oxygen flow. If reduced circulation lasts for a long time, bedsores appear. Friction appears when two surfaces slide over each other, in this case, over a sheet, bedding, a wheelchair, etc. In this way, there appears a superficial injury, an abrasion, which is the beginning of bedsore formation.

This pillow is recommended for long periods of sitting and preventing bedsores in persons who are sitting in a wheelchair.

Besides the fact that it evenly distributes pressure, it also reduces it in the most sensitive regions, therefore improving circulation in those areas, it makes it easier for the patient to change positions, which is also one of the most common measures for preventing bedsores. The pillow has exceptional airflow, which further reduces the possibility of infection and decreases the time of healing of existant bedsores.

Besides that, CUBITO pillow is designed in such a way that it pushes the pelvis forward during sitting, thus creating a perfect sitting position. It also evenly distributes body pressure on the abdominal muscles, i.e., unburdens the tense back muscles, thus reducing back pain.

Thanks to its shape, CUBITO pillow reduces the pressure on varicose and swollen veins of the anus. On one hand, that reduces the pain and swelling, and on the other hand, it improves circulation in the anus, therefore significantly reducing uneasiness caused by hemorrhoids. It also reduces pressure on the prostatic area, thus helping the patients who suffer from enlarged prostate.

The material from which this pillow is made prevents the growth of bacteria, thus reducing the chance of infection. It doesn’t absorb fluids, it is light and easy to maintain.

Additional Information

Dimensions 45 x 45 cm

45 cm


45 cm


Elastan 8.4%, Poliester 91.6%


Polistirol 100%


Customer may request an increase in the volume of cushion for an indefinite period of time FREE!

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