SANUS anti-decubitus positioning pillows (ADP)

Health and safety of our family come first. However, the modern age has brought many problems and stresses to our bodies, mainly caused by a bad body posture. As a result, we feel pain in the neck and shoulders, lumbar and sitting parts, and upper and lower limbs, as well as morning fatigue, loud snoring, and restless sleep. The main cause of pain is most often sitting in uncomfortable chairs, long sitting at work in the same position, hours spent in driving or computer work, but also a bad choice of a sleeping pillow..
The production line SANUS of home textile factory NOVITET introduces pillows which are the latest innovation when it comes to body position and comfortable sleeping, giving you a sense of comfort and freshness.
Revolutionary SANUS anti-decubitus positioning pillows (ADP) are anatomically produced and as such, they adjust to the contour and weight of your body. They hold the body in an ideal position, which creates additional comfort while you sleep. Also, they are perfect for expectant mothers and babies..
In collaboration with medical experts, we have worked for a long time on choosing the perfect assortment which would satisfy the needs of all age groups, despite one’s physical or motoric handicaps. SANUS products are designed in such a way that they can be used at hospitals, at home, at rehabilitation centers, at geriatric care facilities, during travel, on vacation, at hotels, etc.





SANUS (ADP) pillows are designed for comfortable sleeping and good body posture. They have therapeutic and prophylactic features, they reduce the risk of bedsores, they provide the body with stability and support, they reduce the risk of falling, they help with post-surgery recovery, they prevent dislocation and ease the pressure on a certain body part when the patient is changing his position or is lying still.
Through analysis of the antimicrobic functioning, it was proved that both the case and the filling of the SANUS pillow showed a high rate of antimicrobic activity, which is making these pillows anti-allergic..
The proof of the premium and unique quality of the SANUS pillow is the certificate of European Conformity. We have conducted research – toxicological, microbiological and many others, which confirmed that the pillow was completely safe for health.
The filling of the SANUS pillow has a low level of noise, because of its light and airy micro-beads, which, combined with incredibly flexible stretch fabric, make this pillow easily bent and adaptable. This soft surface for sleeping, which is moving together with you, doesn’t leave red marks on your face.


One great advantage of the SANUS (ADP) pillow is its easy maintenance. They are easily washed and quickly dried. Namely, all pillows of the SANUS production line can bewashed manually or in the washing machine at 60 degrees (our recommendation is 40 degrees). You can either dry it in the machine or naturally, and it won’t lose its original shape. It is incredibly durable and long-lasting, thanks to the strong double stitches..


Sleeping on SANUS pillows can be a part of the preventive measures which will prevent the appearance of tension and pain. A pillow plays an important role in keeping a person healthy, when it comes to prevention and good body posture, as well as an aid in treating bedsores, hemorrhoids, and prostate. Bedsores are expensive to treat and the process lasts long. It was proved that treatment costs are by 2.5 times more expensive than costs of prevention. Now you have a possibility to easily use SANUS pillow as a replacement for non-medical beds, i.e., anti-decubitus mattresses.

SANUS pillows are filled with expanded polystyrene micro-beads (EPS)

Ekspandiranim polistirenom (EPS)

EPS – Filling, as the most important component of a pillow, determines its flexibility, durability, effectivity, quality, water absorption, maintenance, price, etc.
SANUS (ADP) pillows are filled with expanded polystyrene micro-beads (EPS), which provide excellent airflow through the pillow, giving you a feeling of freshness and coldness.
Expanded polystyrene (EPS) has a certificate of health and toxicological validation and it is perfectly safe for our health. It has been used for a long time as a pillow filling around the world, and it is also recommended by the medical experts, because it prevents the development of microorganisms.