Coughlin (thermo wadding) and silicone flake

Koflin is a polyester absorbent cotton which is produced by brushing and thermo-fixing of bicomponent and standard polyester fibers.

Koflin is used in:

the textile industry
– for winter clothing items and PPE equipment
– home textile (quilts, pillows, coverlets)
– children’s program (fences, sleeping bags)
– seat pads, sleeping bags
– mats, loungers
– pet cushions

furniture manufacturing
– matresses
– upholstered furniture

the car industry
– car seat covers
– headrests
– sound insulation

– insulating materials
– in interior design
– sound and roof thermal insulation
– soil drainage

other uses:
– as filters for extractor hoods and air-conditioners
– as filters for fish tanks
– for floor and wall covering in paint shops
– as bag-filters in dedusting
– in agriculture – for the ecological protection of young seedlings from parasites (instead of
tree trunk painting)

Koflin is produced with a width of 204 cm, and its weight per m2 is from 40 gr/m2 to 400gr/m2.

Silicone flake is used:

for filling of
– pillows
– children’s toys